Why I am Seeing Multiple VISA Resources?

Updated May 12, 2020

Reported In


  • NI-DMM
  • NI-DCPower

Programming Language

  • LabVIEW G

Issue Details

I'm using a modular PXI or VISA instrument when trying to open an session to my device I found other sessions already opened.

Why I seeing this behavior?


This issue is cased because previous opened sessions were not closed, make sure to use the corrispettive close session fuction before opening others sessions. For example, if you are programming a VISA instrument from LabVIEW use the VISA Close Function.

Additional Information

If you're are interested in use multiple sessions you can refer to the following example Duplicate VISA Sessions - Serial Example.

To acquire a list of the current VISA sessions refer to How to Acquire a List of Open VISA Sessions in LabVIEW