Cannot Open Data File With the DIAdem Data Plugin Installed

Updated Apr 3, 2024

Reported In


  • DIAdem

Issue Details

  • After installing a Data Plugin for DIAdem, I still cannot read files with it, and I get an error saying that “There is no Data Plugin assigned to the extension” when I try to load the files or,
  • With an installed and running a Data Plugin for DIAdem, the following error message came out after an update of the system: “The file “…….” cannot be opened


First, check if the Data Plugin is shown in the list of Data Plugins installed in DIAdem >> Settings >> Extensions >> Data Plugins.

If the Data Plugin is not there, reinstall the Data Plugin.

If the Data Plugin is there or the issue persists:

  • A reinstallation or repair of DIAdem could fix the error.
  • Otherwise, uninstall DIAdem and the Data Plugin, then install DIAdem with an offline installer and then the plugin, that could fix a possible error with the installation.