Access Error 404 When Connecting to NI ELVIS III From Measurements Live

Updated Oct 30, 2023

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Issue Details

When trying to Connect to my NI ELVIS III board, through Measurements Live, I get the following error:

Access Error: 404 -- Not Found
Cannot open document for: /proxy-application.html

The error shows up in a pop-up window like the one below: 



This error occurs because the software on the board was installed incorrectly, or the LabVIEW ELVIS III Toolkit is not installed on the board.

Please make sure you have the following software installed in your host computer before proceeding:

After ensuring that the above software is installed in your computer, please follow the steps below to fix this issue: 

  1. Connect the NI ELVIS III Board to the computer over USB.
  2. Hold the RESET button on the NI ELVIS III board and release it when STATUS LED turns yellow. Wait for 20 seconds for the board to restart.
  3. Open NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX) and find the NI ELVIS III board under Remote Systems.
    • If the board does not show under Remote Systems, right click on Remote Systems >> Troubleshoot Remote Discovery and follow the steps provided.
  4. Under the NI ELVIS III board in NI MAX, right click on Software >> Add/Remove Software >> Log into the board with your credentials. ​​​​​
  5. The LabVIEW Real-Time Software Wizard will popup >> Highlight the NI ELVIS III XX.X software package.
    • If the Elvis III is running a Linux RT System Image, the popup below will not resemble the image below. The NI Elvis III Toolkit will appear in Add/Remove Software as long as the host PC has installed a version of LabVIEW and the Elvis III Toolkit that is compatible with the Linux Image.
    • The Linux RT System Image 21.5 is the latest version that supports the Elvis III. As shown in the Readme, this image supports LabVIEW 2019 SP1, 2020 SP1 and 2021.
    • Ensure that the version of NI ELVIS III Software Bundle installed comes with one of these versions of LabVIEW and the associated version of the LabVIEW Elvis III Toolkit.
  1. Click Next >> Make sure the LabVIEW ELVIS III Toolkit is checked. 
  1. Click Next, and allow the software installation to finish.
  2. Wait until the board comes up back again.
  3. Open Measurements Live and try to re-connect to the board.