Error -1074134944 or Error -63192 after Chassis Renumbering

Updated Mar 12, 2020

Reported In


  • PXIe-5830
  • PXIe-5831
  • PXIe-5841
  • PXIe-5655



Issue Details

I get an error when trying to initialize a session to my device after renumbering the PXI chassis the module(s) are installed into with NI MAX. The IVI Logical Name I/O control drop-down list will show a device name that doesn’t exist in MAX but appears to be the chassis number and slot number that would be my device (PXI<#>Slot<#>). When I call RFSA/RFSG Initialize with this resource name, I see this: 

If I configure the I/O control to Allow Undefined Names and type in the name of my device as it appears in MAX, I see this: 

Why is this happening and how can I resolve it?


This is a known issue with the 5830/5831 and 5841+5655. 

For 5830/5831:
Rename the 3622 in NI MAX.
For 5841+5655:
Rename the 5655 in NI MAX.

If you prefer to keep the same name, temporarily rename the device to a different name and then change the name back to the original. Additionally, you can rename the device using the NI System Configuration API and the device will rename appropriately to the same name without needing a temporary name.

The issue is caused by a device naming conflict in our drivers. When the chassis is renumbered the RIO identifier cannot be matched by the RFSA/RFSG driver. Renaming the device in NI MAX synchronizes the drivers and removes the conflict.