MIMO Capability for USRP-2920

Updated May 14, 2024

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  • USRP-2920

Issue Details

I am creating a small scale antenna testing system and need at least 3x1 Tx Rx functionality. 
  • What are the MIMO capabilities for the NI USRP-292x device?
  • Can the USRP-292x handle a 3x1 MIMO? 


The NI USRP-292x modules are recommended for MIMO applications such as a 3x1 configuration.
2 NI USRP-292x devices can be synchronized via the USRP MIMO cable to have a 2x2 MIMO setup.
It is also possible to build as large as 16x16 using an external reference by using the CDA-2990 Clock Distribution Device to create a 8x8 MIMO system with a disciplined oscillator.