How to Activate MVPI Logs

Updated Mar 25, 2020

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  • Micropross Accessories



Issue Details

I have an issue on MVPI and I cannot find any log to analyze them. 
Could you let me know where to find the error logs?


In order to troubleshoot your issue, you need to activate two logs:

1- MVPI Log
  • From MVPI click on Config than Options to open the options window.
  • On the File Path Info tab, you will find the log path
  • On the Logfile generation tab select the event you want to log into the file

2- SORB log

  • Open the mpross.ini file located in the C:\WINDOWS directory
  • Add the below section into the file if it's not existing.


  • To set the path of the log file Add/modify the below section





Additional Information

  • SORB (Simple Object Request Broker) is the communication path between MVPi and the MP300 testers. It may be sometimes useful to get or set some information affecting the behaviour of SORB.
  • Generate diagnosis information file should not be checked in normal conditions. Checking it will launch the generation of a log file related to the operating of MVPi itself, which will rapidly reach big size and slow down its functioning.