I Have a Communication Issue With My Coupler Using MVPI

Updated Mar 25, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: MP300 coupler

Issue Details

I cannot run any test from MVPI anymore.
In the log I have the following message: communication error 155


In order to resolve this issue please follow the below steps:

1- Verify that the couplers are correctly inserted in their slots.
2- Check that your Rack is powered on and that the UC front led is on and green
3- When you turned on the rack, couplers CPU/UC leds must blink red/green then switch off.
  • It will blink  off/green/orange/red in case of duplicate IP address
  • It will stay red in case of internal failure. skip the next steps and contact the support.
4- Verify that the couplers Power leds are on and green.
5- Check that your rack is connected or to the production computer or to your network
6- Check that the network cable isn’t damaged
7- Try to ping the MP300 using WINDOWS console or to see it from MPMANAGER Connection panel.
8- Try to connect to the coupler when using MVPI by clicking on the Connect (F4) button 

Additional Information

The MP300s come with a default IP address, the sub-net mask being and the gateway

If the issue still pending contact NI NFC and wireless charging at mp-heldesk@ni.com