How to Adjust Line Spacing Between Sidebands in DIAdem

Updated Mar 18, 2020

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

In the Cursor Parameters dialog I can specify the number of side band lines, but I cannot see how to change the line spacing. The side bands appear with a default spacing of '2' in the X-axis.


You can change the spacing either programmatically or with the user interface. 

 User interface

The spacing can be changed by hovering over one of the side bands until the double headed arrow appears. You then drag the side band away from the central band, as seen below:

If this is unsuccessful, try resetting the cursor by right clicking >> Cursor >> Reset as seen below: 

NOTE: If this doesn't work check you aren't over the central band, as dragging this will move all the lines relative to the X axis.


In order to change the line spacing programmatically please look at the example code on the following page: Property: Sidebands for SidebandCursor.