DAQmx Equivalent for AI Single Scan and AO Single Update

Updated Jul 28, 2023

Issue Details

  • I have some Traditional DAQ code that I need to update. Is there a DAQmx VI to replace the AI Single Scan and AO Single Update VIs?
  • What equivalent DAQmx functions exist to replace "AI Single Scan vi" and "AO Single Update vi"?
  • Are there some guidelines for transitioning Traditional DAQ to DAQmx?


There is no direct equivalent for the "AI Single Scan.vi" and "AO Single Update.vi". Instead, DAQmx uses the "DAQmx Read" to read AI signals, and "DAQmx Write" to write data.
However, the Traditional DAQ functions are available if both Traditional DAQ and DAQmx are installed.

National Instruments recommends transitioning to DAQmx entirely to minimize any problems with older Traditional DAQ functions. See Transition from Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) to NI-DAQmx in LabVIEW for guidance on how to do this.