Design Rule Error: Net XX Close to Hole in Ultiboard

Updated Mar 19, 2020

Issue Details

  • In Ultiboard I placed a hole in my PCB design, and now I'm getting DRC messages stating: Design rule error, Net XX close to hole.
  • I have a PCB design to which I am adding tooling holes, and I am getting DRC errors around the holes. 
  • After placing a hole on my PCB, I received the DRC messages shown below: 

  • The PCB shows red circles around the traces as shown below:


This error occurs because the hole placed is closer to a trace or net than the minimum clearance allowed for that specific hole. 

The clearance is defined as "the minimum distance allowed from the selected via to traces. Value range: 0 mm to 500 mm", and to change its value follow these steps: 
  1. Open the PCB design in Ultiboard
  2. Right click on the hole and click Properties
  3. Navigate to the General tab, and change in the Clearances section, change the To trace value to a smaller value. 
  4. Click Apply and then OK
  5. If you set a small enough number, the red circles and the DRC warnings should have disappeared 

The .gif image below shows how to execute these steps and to clear the error: