Computer Black Screens and Becomes Unresponsive when Running Long-Term FlexLogger Test Containing a Graph with a non-Line Visual Style

Updated Mar 3, 2020

Reported In


  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

I am using FlexLogger to run a test over multiple days. My FlexLogger Screen document contains a graph that uses a visual style other than Line. After a couple of days, the graphics driver appears to cause the display to turn black and the machine to become unresponsive. How can I get past this issue so my test can run for multiple days without interruption?


There are several possible workarounds for this issue if you are impacted:
  • Ensure the drivers for your graphics card are up to date. We also recommend using the latest Windows 10 operating system.
  • Change all graphs on the Screen document to use Line rendering.
  • Close the Screen document when leaving FlexLogger to run over multiple days. You can reopen the Screen document, but do not leave the Screen document openĀ for multiple days.