Can I Use a DAQmx Watchdog Timer to Send an XNET Message?

Updated Feb 24, 2020

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  • cDAQ-9185



Issue Details

I am using a NI cDAQ-9185 that has the watchdog timer for NI-DAQmx. Would it be possible to also use this to control a NI-XNET module? 


The NI-DAQmx Watchdog Timer has been configured to work with supported devices on the DAQmx API, so it won't be able to command an XNET module. It can control send commands to Analog, Digital, and Counter outputs. 

To be able to use watchdog timing with NI-XNET, you would need to use the Real-Time Watchdog Timer, which requires communication with a real-time operating system. 

Additional Information

For available real-time controllers, National Instruments has options available for both CompactDAQ and CompactRIO systems.