How to Create/Modify a .mat File in LabVIEW?

Updated Mar 26, 2024



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MAT-File IO Library for LabVIEW

I am using both, LabVIEW and MATLAB to develop a software application. How can I read/write a .mat file in LabVIEW?

You have two alternatives to use .mat files in LabVIEW:

1. You could use the MATLAB® DataPlugin, After installing the dataplugin, you can use the LabVIEW Data Storage VIs to manipulate .mat files. 

2. Another option is the MAT-File IO Library for LabVIEW, this is a third-party library not supported directly by National Instruments and distributed throught the VI Package Manager. After installing the library you can refer to the examples available in C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW XXXX\examples\matio (XXXX,is your LabVIEW version)

Additional Information

For more information about dataplugins refer to Using DataPlugins with LabVIEW