How to use Import/Export Functionally in Dashboard Builder in SystemLink?

Updated Mar 11, 2020

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  • SystemLink Server

Issue Details

  • I am getting started with SystemLink and I am interested to know how to use the Import fuctionality in Dashboard Builder:


Using the Import option, you can import a dashboard already created instead of starting from scratch. Before importing, you should export a dasboard, refer to the following steps:
  • In the Dashboard Builder, duouble-click the desiderated dashboard (in this document we will use my dashboard):
  • To export a dashboard click on the Options button (right hand side) and select Export:
  • After, you can save the exported dashboard as .fpg file (for example: my dashboard.fpg).
  • To import you dashboard, just click on the Import Option in Dashboard Builder and from the Import Dashboards window select Browse...:
  • Once, the import operation is completed, the Import Dashboards windows will be populated with your .fpg fie:
  • Finally, just select Close and a new dashboard will be included in the Dashboard Builder:
  • You can rename the new dashboard, by double-clicking it and selecting Settings:

Additional Information

With Dashboard Builder, you can create a custom dashboard to display important data about your distributed systems. You can choose between you diferent dashboard types: tile and free-form dashboards, refer to  Visualizing Data on a Dashboard for more information.