Recommended Cables Corresponding to Connector 0 and Connector 1 of PXIe-6349

Updated Sep 19, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-6349
  • SHC68-68-EPM
  • SHC68-68

Issue Details

I have a PXIe-6349 card and I am confused whether it is mandatory for me to use two different cables (SHC68-68-EPM and SHC68-68) for each of the connectors (Connector 0 and 1). What is the recommended cabling for this card? 


  • We recommend using SHC68-68-EPM for Connector 0 and SHC68-68 for Connector 1 of PXIe-6349 ideally, for best performance.
  • However, if your application doesn't require the use of Digital IO lines on Connector 0, you may use SHC68-68 for both Connector 0 and 1. 

Additional Information

One of the key differences between the SHC68-68-EPM and SHC68-68 is that the former comes with isolation between Analog IO and Digital IO lines whereas the latter doesn't. Connector 0 on card PXIe-6349 has Digital IO lines present and therefore SHC68-68-EPM is best suited for use. However, Connector 1 only has Analog Input lines and therefore SHC68-68 is the required cable for use.