Error: The Instance "TissueDataFinder" Could Not Start

Updated Oct 14, 2020

Reported In


  • SystemLink Server
  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I'm trying to access my SystemLink Server from my browser but it returns the following error:

Instance TissueDataFinder could not start. Error: The instance 'TissueDataFinder' could not start because there was no available license when the server was started. Check your license in the NI License Manager.


The first thing you need to verify is that you have all your software activated. SystemLink Server needs to be activated in the NI License Manager in order to open all the instances.

Follow the instructions in Activate NI Software Without Internet Connection for single seat licenses. If you're using volume license, you will need to contact the software administrator at your company to do this.

Additional Information

There have been some corner cases where this error could happen in SystemLink 20.0. In some circumstances, this can be fixed by upgrading the software to the latest version.