How to Fix a cRIO That Only Starts in the Safe Mode?

Updated Apr 21, 2023



  • CompactRIO Chassis


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

After a Software installation for the cRIO it only starts in the safe mode. Even formatting the device in NI MAX and a new installation of the Software to the cRIO didn't help. After a restart of the whole system the cRIO again only starts in the safe mode.

The Software installation is probably corrupted:
  1. Right Click > Delete the cRIO in NI MAX and add it again.
  2. Format the cRIO in NI MAX
  3. Install just the LabVIEW Real-time Module to the cRIO no additional package. (Best practice without the Software modules)
  4. Install additional Software step by step and check the error protocol
  5. Restart your System
  6. The cRIO will work again normal