LabVIEW Client Is Incompatible With LabVIEW Server Error With Remote Front Panel Executable

Updated Dec 4, 2023

Issue Details

I am using LabVIEW remote Front Panel in LabVIEW 2018 to control from LabVIEW executable, but I am getting this error: 
LabVIEW client version is incompatile with LabVIEW server version. 

I have installed the same version of LabVIEW Runtime with my server and development environment.


This error may occur because the executable is running LabVIEW version 2019 even the related Run-Time Engine is not installed. You can verify this by going to Help >> About of the LabVIEW executable.

When building executables, please untick the option Allow future versions of the LabVIEW Runtime to run this application under the Advanced category.

Additional Information

Starting from LabVIEW 2018, LabVIEW supports backward compatibility for the LabVIEW Run-time Engine. Stand-alone applications can be loaded and executed with Run-time versions 2017 and higher.