Performing a Geometric Match with Vision Assistant 2019

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • Vision Assistant


  • Vision Acquisition Software

I am using Vision Assistant 2019 and want to have a Geometric Matching step. I do not see this option in Vision Assistant as of version 2019. Where can I find it?

As of Vision Assistant 2019, Pattern Matching and Geometric Matching have been combined into the same step. Follow these instructions to begin configuring a Geometric Match:

1. In the Processing Functions: Machine Vision palette, add a Pattern Matching step.

2.  Select the region of your image to be your template or click cancel if you plan to select a template later.
3. In the Options tab of the Pattern Matching Setup window, select the Geometric Matching option for your algorithm (You can see a drop-down list of the available algorithms by left-clicking its current value).

Additional Information

In Vision Assistant 2018 and earlier, Geometric Matching and Pattern Matching were separate steps in the Processing Functions palette.