DIAdem DAC Task Aborts With Licensing Error Message

Updated Feb 3, 2020

Reported In


  • DIAdem
  • DIAdem DAC Kit
  • DIAdem DAC Bundle

Issue Details

In DIAdem DAC I created a DAC block diagram where I acquire data from a third party device. But every time I start the DAC task, I get an error message which states that there is no valid license and the measurement is aborted:

But I have already a license for the DIAdem DAC module and it is properly licensed in the NI-License Manager. What can I do in order to get my program running?


This error is not related with the licensing of DIAdem or the DAC module itself. It results most likely in a not appropriately licensed third party driver. Please check if the driver for the third-party device is licensed and not expired and contact the vendor or distributor of the driver if necessary.