SCXI Chassis Is Not Recognized by NI MAX

Updated Dec 6, 2023

Reported In


  • SCXI-1000
  • SCXI-1000DC
  • SCXI-1001
  • SCXI (Legacy)
  • Chassis for SCXI


  • LabVIEW
  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

My SCXI Chassis, such as SCXI-1000, is not recognized by NI-MAX (Measurement & Automation Explorer).


There are a couple of steps you may follow to troubleshoot SCXI chassis. They are:
  • Ensure NI-DAQmx driver is installed and the version 19.0 or earlier is installed. NI-DAQmx versions above 19.0 no longer support SCXI devices. You can verify the driver hardware support in the readme document available on product driver downalod page.
  • Ensure the SCXI Chassis is powered propperly, power switch is turned on and power LED is lit on green.
  • Ensure the DAQ (Data AQuisition) device used to connect to SCXI Chassis is recognized by NI-MAX and self-test has passed succesfully.
  • Ensure the cable between SCXI chassis and DAQ devices is propperly connected or try another else cable assembly.
  • Connect the DAQ device to a different computer or PXI controller slot, module or USB port.
  • Try a different DAQ device.
  • Try a different SCXI chassis.
  • If you have multiple chassis, disconnect them and reconnect them one at a time to isolate the problem.
  • Make sure that each SCXI Chassis connected to a single DAQ device has a unique address as described in your SCXI Chassis model user manual.
  • If you have multiple SCXI modules, remove all the modules and test each module individually.

Additional Information

SCXI is discontinued since September 28th, 2018. In order to ease the difficulty of this change we have provided a list of model numbers for replacement. You may get further information about several legacy product lines by accessing the article Obsolescence Planning for Several Legacy Product Families.