NI License Manager Exiting With Status 5 Signal

Updated Mar 18, 2020

Reported In


  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

My NI License Manager is crashing/exiting without an error but when I review the error logs I see the following error:

(Imgrd) nilm exited with status 5 signal = 980

How do I resolve this?


The status 5 signal indicates a communication error between NI License Manager (nilm) and the License Server Manager (Imgrd). In order to resolve this you need to update your NI License Manager to the latest version.
You can do this by either updating through NI Package Manager or by downloading the latest version from the NI website.

To update via NI Package Manager please follow these steps;
  1. Launch NI Package Manager.
  2. Search for NI License Manager.
  3. Select NI License Manager.
  4. Ensure that the latest version is selected and press Install.
  5. Follow any instructions and reboot your machine if needed.
To update via the NI website please follow these steps;
  1. Go to the download page for NI License Manager.
  2. Select the latest version and press Download.
  3. Follow any instructions and reboot your machine if needed.

If the issue persists please contact National Instruments Technical Support.

Additional Information

You may see a different number than the '980' specified in the Issue Details but the solution should still resolve the issue.