Is There a Correct Order to Install Power Supplies to the RMC-8357 Controller?

Updated Jul 3, 2020

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  • RMC-8357
  • RMC-8357 Power Supply

Issue Details

I want to acquire an RMC-8357 Controller but I would like to switch the included DC power supply with an AC power supply. 

I noticed that the controller includes two power supply slots and I wanted to make sure that I install it properly.

Do I have to install the new power supply in an specific slot to ensure that the controller works properly?


If you're using only one power supply for the controller, the power supply can be installed in either slot of the device.

Additional Information

If you're switching from a DC power supply to an AC power supply you'll need to make sure that only one of them is present in the chassis.

It is not recommended to mix different types of power supplies. 

Nevertheless, you can have two power supplies of the same type installed if you require power supply redundancy.