Dynamically Import/Export TestStand Numeric Limits

Updated Jun 7, 2023

  • How can I export the variables from my Numeric Limit Test?
  • I want to load some pre-defined variable values to use in my Numeric Limit Test. How can I do this?
  • Is it possible to save and export properties/variables from a TestStand Sequence?
  • Can I programmatically load TestStand variables?

It is possible to dynamically load TestStand property and variable values by exporting/importing them using the Property Loader Step.
Firstly, the properties must be exported to a Property Loader file. This file can later be imported to load in specified values.

To Export TestStand Properties:

After declaring your variables and setting the values, you can export these properties.

1. Navigate to Tools >> Import/Export Properties... as shown:

2. In the pop-up window, navigate to the Export branch.

3. In the Export Options tab:
  • Specify the type of file to export in the Destination Type. In this example, the variables will be exported to a .txt file.
  • Specify where to save the exported file in the Destination Location.

4. In the Property Selector tab:
  • Ensure that the properties/variables that you wish to export are checked.
  • In the following image, "Sequence1", "Sequence2" and "Sequence3" are selected. Therefore, all the properties/variables within these sequences will be exported.

5. Finally, click Export:


To Import TestStand Properties:

1. Insert a Property Loader Step type in the target sequence.
  • It's recommended to place this in your Setup routine within the Sequence, as shown:

2. In the Step Settings, ensure that the Source NameSource Type and Source Location match that of the exported file.
  • You can further customise how TestStand handles the importation in the right-hand side of the window.

3. In the Target File and Source Settings:
  • Select the Use Current File option to import the variables/parameters in the open Sequence File.

    4. You can now run the sequence and the exported properties/variables will be imported accordingly.

    Additional Information

    The exported properties file can be directly edited. As long as the correct syntax is maintained, TestStand will recognise and update the variable values.

    To view example Sequences that implement the Property Loader Step type, navigate to:
    <TestStand Public>\Examples\Built-in Step Types\Property Loader Step Type\

    There are several Sequence Files within this directory that demonstrate how to use a Property Loader Step.
    See Property Loader Step for further information about the Property Loader Step type.