Preloading LabVIEW Code Modules Takes a Long Time

Updated Apr 21, 2023

Reported In


  • TestStand
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

  • I have a Teststand sequence that loads the same module multiple times. When starting the sequence the modules are preloaded as expected, but this takes a very long time. Is there a way to speed up the preloading process?
  • I have built a TestStand application and pre-load time for the LabVIEW code modules takeĀ more than an hour. This issue is very specific to my application. How can I reduce this pre-load time?


  • You might be experiencing a long preloading time if the paths to your code module are specified using relative paths. Teststand will then check every search directory for your code module. To improve the preloading time move the directory containing your code module to the top of the search directories. You can change the order of your search directories by going to: Configure >> Search directories
  • You can follow the steps in the documentĀ Improving TestStand Performance
  • You can also modify the time of the Preload Progress Dialog Box Delay to -1: go to Configure >> Station Options >> Preferences
  • Try and see if keeping the code modules open before running the test sequence helps in reducing the pre-load time.
  • If your test application consists of large sequences, try and break it down into smaller sequences if possible to check if the pre-load time gets reduced.
  • You can set some of the code modules to be loaded dynamically.