SCXI Strain Gauges Module Unexpected Measurements in TestPanel

Updated Jan 21, 2020

Reported In


  • SCXI-1520

Issue Details

I got unexpected measurements, stable 10V with strain gauge module SCXI-1520 in NI-MAX TestPanel. What is the problem?


Some legacy NI-MAX software has no bridge mode options (ex. full-bridge, quarter-bridge) in TestPanel. So, when if you measured strain value without this configuration, you might get the wrong value like excitation voltage(10V) from internal circuits. 

So, if you wanted to measure strain gauge in legacy NI-MAX, you should make NI-DAQmx task in NI-MAX. It has a lot of configuration factors including gauge factor, gauge resistance, excitation voltage and so on. The NI-DAQmx task will help you measure the correct values.