Self-cal Required After External Calibration with PXIe-5820

Updated Jan 20, 2020

Reported In


  • PXIe-5820



Issue Details

I just received my PXIe-5820 back from external calibration and was required to self-cal the device. Why is that?


If you are using RFSA/G 18.1 or later, DSP resources were adjusted to provide additional FPGA space on the module. Running self-cal will adjust these DSP resources and resolve the error. Self-cal will only need to be run once with these later versions of the driver after receiving it back from external calibration. 

Additional Information

You should perform a self-calibration in any of the following situations
  • After first installing the PXIe-5820 into your chassis
  • After any module in the chassis is installed, uninstalled, or moved
  • When the system is in an environment where the ambient temperature varies or the module temperature has drifted more than ±5 °C from the temperature at the last self-calibration
  • To periodically adjust for small performance drifts that occur with product aging