Configuration of CompactDAQ Onboard Counters in FlexLogger

Updated Oct 21, 2020

Reported In


  • cDAQ-9178


  • FlexLogger


  • FlexLogger 2020 R4
  • cDAQ Chassis

Issue Details

  • I have a cDAQ-Chassis and FlexLogger and I need counters for my measurement.
  • How can I use the onboard counters of my cDAQ with FlexLogger?


FlexLogger as configuration based software does not support all DAQmx functionality as programming environments like LabVIEW do.

FlexLogger Versions up to 2020 R3:
Older versions of FlexLogger do not natively support the usage of onboard counters of the CompactDAQ-Chassis.

To configure counter measurements like angular position in FlexLogger for a CompactDAQ-Chassis,
you have to use the C Series Counter Input Module NI-9361.

FlexLogger Version 2020 R4:
This release includes CompactDAQ onboard counter support as preview feature.

To activate the onboard counter support, go to File - Preference - Preview features and activate Enablle the use of onboard counters for cDAQ chassis.