NOVALUE Text Partly Displayed After Value Update

Updated Feb 4, 2020

Reported In


  • DIAdem DAC Kit
  • DIAdem DAC Bundle
  • DIAdem


  • DIAdem Visual

Issue Details

  • When I use a table in DIAdem Visual, the NOVALUE entries are wider than my table columns.
  • When I overwrite a NOVALUE entry with a number, I can still see a part of the NOVALUE text. 


This behaviours occurs due to your format settings for the table.
Since NOVALUE has 7 characters, you should use a format setting like ddd.dddd with also (at least) seven positions.

Additional Information

If you want to delete the NOVALUE entries completely, you can use the Signal Copy block, which has a paramameter settings to overwrite NOVALUE with a selectable value.