Measurement Studio Licensing Errors When Compiling Code

Updated Apr 8, 2022

Reported In


  • Measurement Studio

Issue Details

  • When I compile my project, a LicenseException is thrown.
  • I have updated my computer details for Volume Licence Manager and it has issued me with a licence to compile my application. However, I cannot compile it as I receive an error saying that my licence is not active.
  • I have an active license but when I try to compile the project I get the following error:
"NationalInstruments.Controls.Internal.WpfStandardLicenser" is unlicensed.  


  1. The libraries you are attempting to use are not included in the edition you have activated. Use NI License Manager to change your licenses, enable evaluation mode, or purchase a different edition of Measurement Studio.
  2. The .licx file for your project is missing or incorrect. Refer to .NET Language Compilers and the .licx File for information on updating the .licx file content either manually or using Visual Studio-integrated tools.
  3. You have a compile-only license, and your .licx file is not up-to-date. You need to update your .licx file manually. Refer to Manually Adding or Updating Entries in a .licx File for more information.
  4. Your license is in an invalid state. You have three options:
    • Use NI License Manager to activate your licenses
    • Use the Measurement Studio menu to activate your licenses
    • Select Evaluate Products in the Licensing and Activation dialog box if you are still within the Measurement Studio evaluation period.
  5. Update the NI License Manager to the most up-to-date version. 
  6. If none of the previous troubleshooting steps fix the issue, uninstall Measurement Studio and Visual Studio and perform a clean installation of both components.

Additional Information

For Licensing Errors in Measurement Studio when designing, running, or deploying your code please look at the following article: Troubleshooting Measurement Studio Licensing Errors.

To generate a license file (.licx) manually you can use the following link: Create a .licx File for My Measurement Studio Project.