Error -200009 Occurred at an Unidentified Location While Using HSDIO

Updated Aug 27, 2020

Reported In


  • PXIe-6547
  • PXIe-6544
  • PXIe-6545
  • PXIe-6548
  • PXIe-6556
  • PXIe-6555



Issue Details

I'm using a 654x module and getting Error -200009 from an unidentified location. Why am I getting this error and how do I fix it?

Figure 1: Explain error example with possible reason


This error occurs when the card cannot offload timestamps fast enough from the card as it's acquiring new samples with associated timestamps. There is a separate buffer of data for timestamps and are limited to about 2,000 timestamps. While cards can acquire at their specified rates, if done continuously, this buffer's memory can fragment and overflow. Taking data at a slower rate or retriggering acquisitions with a longer delay is only way to fix this issue. Putting these cards in a more equipped chassis or more powerful controller could help, but the issue will likely persist as the issue is localized to the card.