Denso Robot Interface Buttons of My NFC Test Bench Grayed Out

Updated Mar 24, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


SW : Denso Robot Interface

HW : Denso Robot, RC7, RC8

Issue Details

When running the Denso Robot Interface software, all the buttons are grayed out and I cannot use the software to move my robot.

What can I do to make it work ? 



In order to solve the issue, please follow those steps : 

1. Check that the controler is on and the connections are correct.
2. Check that the IP address set in the mini-pendant and in the DensoConfig.xml file (located in MyDocuments/MPManager) have the proper parameters (controler version and IP address).
3. Check that the "Automatic mode" is selected on both the mini-pendant, and on the Micropross Test Head controler.
4. Check that no Emergency stop buttons are activated (on the cage, on the mini-pendant, and doors closed)
5. Check that the Robot is inside the Working Area defined in the Wincaps project.
6. Check the error code displayed on the mini-pendant and on the bottom part of Denso Robot Interface window and search for the remedy linked to your error in the Denso Error Code Table.

If after all those steps you stil have the issue, raise a ticket to in which you'll provide a screenshot of the grayed out Denso Robot Interface software and a summary of the steps you followed.