Error -307832 While Adding Custom Device in NI VeriStand System Definition File

Updated Dec 24, 2019

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  • VeriStand
  • VeriStand Custom Devices

Issue Details

I am trying to add my Custom Device in NI VeriStand System Definition File, but I receive multiple errors as shown below:

How can I fix these errors so that I can deploy my custom device successfully?


When a custom device is added to the system definition file, the initialization VI is called.  This VI is dynamically loaded by NI VeriStand.  If there is an inconsistency between the custom device XML and the custom device project, NI VeriStand will report these sort of errors.

The VeriStand custom device LabVIEW project has all the required targets added in it, along with build specifications for each target individually. If there a mismatch between the built files actually present in the custom device directory and the information present in the custom device XML file, NI VeriStand will report errors.

To resolve this, open the custom device XML in any notepad editing software and remove the targets from the XML for which you will not be compiling the build specifications via the LabVIEW project, as shown:

NOTE : Only one target is highlighted in the snapshot for demonstration purposes. You must remove/comment out the target(s) as per your requirements of the compiled custom device.

Additional Information

If you are seeing an error or unexpected behavior when you add a custom device to your project or configure your custom device in the system explorer, then you are encountering a configuration error. There are two VIs that could be causing this error: your Initialization VI and any Page VIs. The Initialization VI runs when your custom device is first added to the System Explorer, and the Page VIs are run while configuring your custom device.

Custom device troubleshooting can be challenging, however, there are quite a lot of discussion forum posts that you can refer for getting help via various NI Users across the globe. You can also refer : Troubleshooting Deployment Errors with NI VeriStand Custom Devices

If you are still having problems with using the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above or understanding the custom device framework, please contact National Instruments support.