Modifying UUT Result String in NI TestStand Report

Updated Apr 21, 2023

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I'm using the SequentialModel process model for my test application. 
The process model updates the UUT Result String in the test report with default value as highlighted below :

How can I customize the UUT Result message to suit the needs of my application ?


The SequentialModel process model has a callback sequence by the name PostMainSequence Callback. In the TestUUT and Single Pass execution entry point sequences, this callback sequence is executed immediately after the MainSequence Callback. 
PostMainSequence Callback sequence has a parameter by the name MainSequenceResult. In the original process model, result property container of the MainSequence Callback is passed to this parameter as highlighted below :

You can override the PostMainSequence callback in your client sequence and then access the result property of MainSequence through the MainSequenceResult parameter as shown below. Whatever you write to the Status sub-property of the result property will get copied to the UUT Result string in the report.

Note that the MainSequenceResult is an object reference which gets updated at runtime. Hence #NoValidation function is used. 

Additional Information

If you just want to access and read the default UUT Result string instead of modifying it, you can use the UUTStatus parameter from the PostMainSequence callback.