How to Make an Unsupported Data Type of DataPlugin for DIAdem

Updated Dec 19, 2019

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

  • I want to use my unusal binary data file(.airaw) in DIAdem. But, there is no any supported DataPlugin for it. How can I make DataplugIn?
  • I want to modify present dataPlugin(.vbsd). Is there any examples for it? 


You can create and configure DataPlugin in DIAdem. DataPlugIn file has (.vbsd) extension. Then, you can program the script in a script editor in DIAdem. 

Following things are how can you create custom DataPlugIn. 
  1. Select Settings»Extensions»DataPlugins in DIAdem NAVIGATOR.
  2. Click Add DataPlugin(+) to configure a new DataPlugin.
  3. A dialog box opens where you can define the parameters for the new DataPlugin.
    • Enter the Name of the DataPlugin
    • Under filename extensions, enter a list of file types that the DataPlugin can access, for example, *.txt.
    • Enter the Filename, including the path and the filename extension, to specify the script that DIAdem uses to connect the DataPlugin, for example, DataPlugin_test.vbs.
    • Click ... to specify the script in a file selection dialog box. If you enter the name of a script that does not exist, DIAdem generates the script.
  1. Click OK.
  2. The new DataPlugin is included in the list of DataPlugins. Close the dialog box.
    • Note : You also can select Settings»Extensions»DataPlugins in DIAdem NAVIGATOR or in DIAdem SCRIPT to import, to export, to modify, or to delete an existing DataPlugin
  3. Then you can right click DataPlugin you made. And, select Edit Script. This will take you in script editor.
For your programming reference of DataPlugin, DIAdem help offeres several examples like below. These examples are for text, ASCII, Binary, Excel and so on. You can find This below examples in DIAdem Help»Programming Reference»Object Oriented Script Interfaces»DataPlugin»Examples.

Additional Information

National Instruments also provide Requesting a DataPlugin service. If you require a DataPlugin which is not currently on the DataPlugin website, we will program a free DataPlugin for you.