Upgrade Windows on cDAQ Controller Using a CD/DVD-ROM Drive

Updated Aug 3, 2023



  • cDAQ-9139

I want to upgrade the Windows OS in my cDAQ controller, but I'm not able to boot using the CD/DVD-ROM driver, connected to a USB port of the controller. Is there some setting needed to make it boot?

If you were not able to find the CD/DVD-ROM drive from the boot menu, go to the BIOS setup and enable USB Legacy Support in the BIOS menus:
  1. On the startup screen, press Delete.
  2. On the BIOS setup, go to Advanced menu.
  3. Go to USB Legacy Support and change it to Enable.
  4. Go to Save & Exit and select Yes from the prompt.
  5. When the controller restarts, press F10 to open the boot menu.
  6. Verify that you can see the CD/DVD-ROM drive.