LibniswitchDAQmx Error When Running Python Code in Linux

Updated Apr 15, 2020

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Operating System

  • Linux

Programming Language

  • Python

Issue Details

I installed NI-Switch in Linux, when I try to run my Python code or an example of the NI Modular Instruments API for Python, I get the following message : 
The library cannot be found.



This issue is caused when one of the required packages of NI-Switch is missing. The instructions about how to install NI-Switch properly can be addressed in the readme file of the corresponding driver version, which can be found in its download website. For this specific error, the missing component is installed by ni-switch-daqmx package, so it can be fixed just by running the following command:
  • yum install ni-switch-daqmx 

Additional Information

It is always recommended to follow the installation instructions of the readme file, because the API documentation may not specify how to install the driver to run the examples.