Why Does My Horizontal Progress Bar Indicator Not Go Up Anymore?

Updated Dec 16, 2019

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Programming Language

  • LabVIEW G

Issue Details

I use the Elapsed Time Express VI to display the elapsed time of the system using the horizontal progress bar. However, after a certain time (200 seconds), the progress bar no longer goes up. The maximum value of this indicator is still updated with the property node. I need to display the elapsed time up to 700 seconds. What is the cause of this problem and how can I solve?


Even if you increase the Scale Range Maximum for a particular control or indicator, the range of values that the control or indicator can have depends on the data type.

For horizontal progress bars, the default is U8 data type.

To display more than 700 data values, you must use an integer type with at least 16 bits. Please see the related links below for the range of displayable values of each numeric data type.