How to Connect PXIe-7861 to Terminal Block SCB-68A

Updated Apr 27, 2023



  • PXIe-7861
  • SCB-68A

I'm trying to connect a PXIe-7861 board to terminal block SCB-68A but I have difficulty to find the correspondence in the connector-specific pinout label.
In the NI PXIe-7861's getting started guide, I saw that the pinout label on the lid of the SCB-68A accessory is incompatible with the NI PXIe-7861 and that I have to refer to the NI 78xxR Pinout Labels for the SCB-68A , but in this document there isn't the connector pinout specific to this board.
Which is the correct connector-specific pinout?

It's known that the SCB-68A connector-specific pinout for the NI PXIe-7861 is missing in the document suggested in the NI PXIe-7861's getting started.
PXIe-7861 has two connector. Refer to the following connector-specific pinout for understand how to connect the board.
  • Connector 0: basically is the same of MIO Connector for NI 781xR/783xR/784xR/785xR pinout.
  • Connector 1: it's the same of the MIO Connector for NI 781xR/783xR/784xR/785xR pinout but for the pin indicated in the figure below you have to consider them as NC terminal.