How To Set The IP Address of RMX-412x At Panel

Updated Apr 27, 2023

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  • RMX-4120
  • RMX-4121
  • RMX-4122
  • RMX-4123
  • RMX-4124
  • RMX-4125
  • RMX-4126
  • RMX-4127

Issue Details

I want to configure the RMX-412x's IP address to static IP manually at the panel of hardware like below. 
Referring to the manual, CF 42 ~ 45 are the Manual IP address setting values. But I cannot set the IP address through these setting values. 


Before editing your IP address at CF 42~45, it is necessary to covert the default DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) mode to static mode. The IP address assignment method can be set at CF41.
Set whether to use ( - : 1) or not use ( _ : 0) the following: DHCP server, AUTO IP function (automatic assignment), and MANUAL IP assignment. To use the MANUAL IP function, set the DHCP server and AUTO IP function to off. For example, the value of manual IP on ( _ _ -) is displayed as 001 at the hardware panel. The address that is assigned by the AUTO IP function is 169.254.x.x (where x is a number between 0 and 254). The following shows you the values describe each mode.

Note: This parameter is applied when you turn the POWER switch off and on or when you execute APPL with CF40. If the LAN interface settings are reset CF40: LCi/dEF is set to 110.

Additional Information

For more detail, please refer to RMX Programmable Power Supplies User Manual .