VLM Is Not Able to Create an Installer from 2019 SP1 Packages

Updated Dec 3, 2019

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager 3.2

Issue Details

I am creating a volume license installer with NI VLM. I have downloaded the 2019 SP1 packages of LabVIEW and some drivers to create the new volume license installers for our users, but the VLM is not able to create them. I see the error message below when I try building the installer:

I don't know, what is the problem because there are nothing described on the error message. The VLM and the machine was restarted multiple times, but I receive always the same result for any 2019 SP1 packages.

How should I resolve this issue?


This is a documented issue when using a previous version of the VLM to build installers from 2019 and 2019 SP1 version software and drivers. VLM 3.2 uses NIPM 19.0 libraries whereas the installer selected is using 19.5. 
For this task you should use VLM 3.2.2 or later. Refer to this article about how to upgrade your Volume License Manager.