NI Package Manager Log Indicates Problem Reading Instructions File

Updated Dec 3, 2019

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  • Package Manager

Issue Details

This error can occur when trying to install a package that has an instructions file which cannot be loaded by Package Manager from the %temp% directory. For example, the following error could occur when installing LabVIEW 2019: 

An error occurred while installing a package: ni-ssp-notifier (


And, the log file located in “%localappdata%\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\Logs\NIPkgLogs” folder would contain the following error message:

Error -125490! An error occurred while reading the package 'ni-ssp-notifier'.\|\|Details:\|An error occurred while reading the instructions file located at 'C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'.\|The status code returned by pugixml load_file was 1\|An error occurred in OnTransactionStep for transaction type 'install'.\|\|Error Context:\|NIPkg::Agents::FileAgent::Installer::Install: Installing a package\|NIPkg::Agents::FileAgent::PackageReader::ReadPackage: Reading the package.\|NIPkg::Agents::FileAgent::PackageReader::ReadInstructions: Reading the instructions file.



This error occurs when Package Manager tries to install a package that has an instructions file and fails to load the instructions file from the %temp% directory to which it was temporarily extracted. This could happen when the permissions for the %temp% directory have been changed from the default or corrupted. 

The following steps will determine if your Windows Temp directory permissions have been modified and reset them to their default values if they have been modified: 

  1. Open the Run dialog by using “Windows + R” keyboard shortcut. Enter %localappdata% and click OK. 

  1. In the Windows explorer window that opens, right click on Temp folder, select Properties and switch to the Security tab. 

  1. If there are no permissions assigned to the Temp folder as shown in the below screenshot, then the Temp directory permissions are incorrect and are likely the source of this error: 

  1. If the above step indicates that the Temp directory permissions are incorrect, then do the following steps to reset them to the default inherited permissions: 

  1. Open command prompt as Administrator. 

  1. Run the below command, which will reset the Windows Temp folder permissions to its default permissions. Note that it may display errors like “Access is denied.” for certain folder or files, but those can be safely ignored: 
    icacls %temp% /q /c /t /reset 

  1. After the permissions have been reset, re-run the National Instruments installer.