Errors in NI-RFSA When Using NI-RFSG

Updated Dec 10, 2019

Reported In


  • Package Manager



Issue Details

  • Trying to launch NI RFSG software, the splash screen shows up with text “Launching application” however the application just hangs and gets a time out error.
  • While the NI RFSG software hangs, NI RFSA software does open up however I receive error -200220 and -1074135024.


A repair of the RFSG and RFSA software in NI Package Manager.
follow steps below for the repair process. 
  1. Open NI Package Manager.

  1. Click the Installed tab – this displays all NI software installed on computer.

  1. In search bar, type RFSA, and select the Soft Front Panel and then click the GREEN REPAIR button . Repeat steps for RFSG software.