How to Activate Circular Chart Add-On by KIT.X for LabVIEW?

Updated Jan 16, 2020

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • KIT.X Circular Chart

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I purchased Circular Chart Add-On by KIT.X from 3rd Party Add-Ons for LabVIEW through NI. I tried to authenticate Circular Chart Add-On by KIT.X Add-On but failed. So I need a way to authenticate.


By default, the ID and password are required for authentication. Your ID and password will be sent to the email address registered at the time of purchase. However, if you do not remember your registered email address or have not received your ID and Password via email, you can request them from But, you must add the purchase details and S/N information of the purchased add-on upon request.

Additional Information

Most of the cases for activating the license will be able to handled by LabVIEW Tools Network team. However, if you have not received any response from, I recommend that you request the Escalation team.