My NI Smart Camera 178x is not shown in NI MAX

Updated May 27, 2020

Reported In


  • ISC-1781
  • ISC-1782
  • ISC-1783
  • ISC-1780

Issue Details

I installed all NI Software as stated in the ISC-178x Getting Started Guide, but I cannot see my ISC-178x in NI MAX. What did I do wrong?


One possible reason for that issue is that your Smart Camera is a Windows 10 IoT device. Please refer to your shipping documents to know which Operating System is installed on your Smart Camera.
  • If your Smart Camera is installed with NI Windows IoT, then it will not show in NI MAX, as it is no Real-Time Target. A Windows-based Smart Camera will typically have a Development System installed (LabVIEW or VBAI) and then can be used via Windows Remote Control. See ISC-178x Getting Started Guide p.10 for reference.
  • If your Smart Camera is installed with NI Linux Real-Time, then please refer to ISC-178x Getting Started Guide p. 11. You also can follow the Troubleshooting Steps for CompactRIO devices.

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