Use NI Multisim On Panasonic Toughpad Device

Updated Dec 10, 2019

Reported In


  • Multisim


OS: Windows 8.1

Issue Details

We’ve a number of Panasonic Toughpad Devices with the Multisim software installed, but they appear to be having issues at the initial first use stage where the user is invited to log in with their NI account details.  The software seems to hang and cannot be interacted with, needing to be forced closed or the device restarted.  So far the following scenarios have been witnessed:
  • User clicks on the login box and gets a Windows Security popup asking for credentials to authenticate against our web proxy – the popup is spawned by Multisim and no other process responsible.  The text fields for entering the user’s credentials will not allow text entry and the software is unresponsive
  • User is able to authenticate the web proxy request successfully or isn’t asked, but the login fields cannot them be interacted with and no text entry is possible.  Again software is unresponsive.


The digitiser stylus that is supplied with the Panasonic Toughpad device causes the software to crash if it is used to launch the ‘Log In’ link to progress software activation.  If you follow the same process and use a finger on the touchscreen or use a keyboard and mouse, the software works fine and let you log in and activate the software as expected.