How Do I Check If DSM Is Doing Proper OPC Communication

Updated Nov 27, 2019

Reported In


  • Distributed System Manager
  • LabVIEW OPC UA Toolkit
  • LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module

Issue Details

I want to test if my NI Distributed System Manager (DSM) is working correctly and want to test if it is by principle able to talk to an OPC Client (Factory Talk). How can I test this?


For testing the OPC functionality of your DSM you can use simulated targets. To create those and use them to test functionality, follow these steps:

1. Start DSM

2. Right Click local host and Add Process

3. Create TestDSM and repeat step 2 & 3 to create SimulatedTarget as well.

4.Under SimulatedTarget create a new variable by right-click and select Add Variable...

5. Name it VariableSTDouble

6. Do the same for TestDSM and name it VariableTDSMDouble.

7. Select VariableSTDDouble and copy the Location path

8. Select the VariableTDSMDouble and right click to select Edit Variable…

9. Enable Aliasing and paste the Location into the Bind to: field and click OK.

10. You can test the communication in DSM by setting a value for VariableSTDouble. Entering a new value on the right side before you hit set. Note: The new value gets updated for the VariableTDSMDouble value.

11. Install OPC UA or DSC module to start the OPC Quick Client.

12. Select Edit>>New Server Connection.

13. Under Local Machine Select National Instruments.Variable Engine.1

14. After Adding National Instruments.Variable Engine.1 do a right click and select New Group..

15. Name it Test

16. Select Test do a right click and select New item.

17. Select National Instruments.Variable Engine.1>>TestDSM and choose the variable that you want to read or write from. Note: Double click the Variable to populate the Item ID: