Install NI Driver Runtime Engine Through LabVIEW Installer

Updated Aug 17, 2020

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module

Issue Details

I would like to distribute an application as a LabVIEW installer including an NI Driver Runtime Engine. Where can I find "runtime only" installers?  


You can create a LabVIEW Installer and include the runtime engine of a NI driver under Additional Installers.
  1. In your LabVIEW Project, right-click on Build Specifications. Click on New…>>Installer
  1. In the Installers Properties dialog box, click on the Additional Installers category.   
  2. Deselect Automatically select recommended installers.
  3. Select the desired driver runtime versions. Make sure the driver runtime version matches the driver version used to create the LabVIEW application.
  1. Configure the rest of the installer and build.