Can I Merge the Steps of Two Inspections in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection?

Updated Nov 20, 2019

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  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Issue Details

  • I would like to know how to merge the steps of two different inspections in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI).
  • I want to move inspection steps from one application to another. Is there a way to export and import a vision step to a new application in VBAI?
  • Is it possible to reuse certain steps of a previously-built inspection on a new one in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection? 
  • Is there a way to automatically merge two inspections on Vision Builder for Automated Inspection? 


We do not have a way to automatically merge steps of two different inspections on VBAI. However, you can import a previously-built inspection and manually select the steps you would like to reuse by following these steps: 

  1.  Right click on the state diagram 
  2. Click on Import Inspection.
  3. Select the inspection from which you would like to reuse steps. 
  4. Delete the steps you don't need. 
  5. To reuse a common block of states or steps, save a snippet off as an inspection to make it easier to import in future inspections.