I Was Not Able to Deploy the Veristand Project with the SLSC Chassis in a cRIO

Updated Nov 19, 2019

Reported In


  • Chassis for SLSC
  • cRIO-9039



Issue Details

When I open the Veristand System Definition File I can see the SLSC Chassis listed but it shows the error 7 when deploying


It is possible to list the SLCS in the System Definition File but it will be necessary to point it to the correct IP Address.

There are a series of steps you can follow for troubleshooting the behavior:
  • Verify that the NI-SLSC driver is installed in the Host, then in the cRIO.
  • Also, you can use the network troubleshooting steps guide to discover the chassis.
  • After making sure you have discovered the SLSC Chassis in the host machine you will be able to use the IP Address in the System Definition file and create the SLSC Chassis with the correct IP Address.